Ten Numbers Every Email Marketer Should Commit to Memory – Crib Notes from the SherpaBlog

Measure your email success using quantitative data. Consultant/Trainer, Jeanne Jennings tells you what to focus on.

Below are the crib notes from the full length article, but if you want the full thing, click here.

1. Percentage of New Website Visitors that Sign-up for Email. “..know what your conversion rate is and to always be looking for ways to improve it.”

2. Abandon Rate on Your Online Sign-up Process. “figure out why they left and address the issue…have an instant boost in your list growth.”

3. List Size: “…there’s no perfect size for a list…know the universe of your target audience and work to get as many of them as possible to sign-up for your email program.

4. Monthly List Growth Rate: “If your list is growing more quickly than {3.2% per month], great – but you still want to be thinking about how you can boost acquisition performance.

5. Bounce Rate: “If it’s higher than the industry average, then you may have serious issues with your list…”

6. Open Rate: “The average across all industries is 22.1%. If your open rates are below this it gives you something to shoot for.”

7. Click-through Rate: “you should always know where you are in relation to industry benchmarks – and always be striving to improve your performance.”

8. Conversion Rate: “Conversion rates are all over the board. Much depends on what your goal is and how much effort and/or commitment is required from the respondent to achieve it.”

9. Return on Investment: “If your email marketing is profitable, returning more than $1 for each dollar you spend, it’s a success.”

10. Dollar Value of an Email Address: “then you know how much revenue you can expect from an email address, then you know how much you can spend on acquisition.”

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