Tarte Wins Email Hero Award for Best Triggered Email

Winning the Email Hero Award for Best Triggered Email, this week we’re featuring Tarte!

Triggered emails are a great way to reach out to subscribers with a small reminder when they are still in the buying mindset. Tarte’s abandoned cart email took a new approach that was able to give subscribers that extra push needed to finish the shopping process.

To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed the email marketing team at Tarte.

What were the goals of this particular campaign?
The goal of this Touch 4 Cart Abandon Email to attempt to recover sales from people abandoning their shopping cart 4 days after they’ve added products to cart but haven’t purchased. It’s essentially our final attempt to get her to return and push her through the conversion funnel.

Did you face any key challenges along the way?
The most challenging part was finding the perfect messaging to send this fourth touch point. The first three Cart Abandon trigs are sent over the course of the first 72 hours and are highly direct revenue focused with little branding or product education, so creating an email compelling enough to still catch her attention four days post browsing was extremely challenging. We felt that leveraging on-site customer reviews would be most effective, and a nice change of pace from the initial series touches. Instead of receiving another traditional marketing campaign (that are extremely effective to a certain point!), if she still hasn’t converted by the fourth touch – let’s show her why other customers just like her are choosing to buy an item she was thinking of.

What were your campaign results?
Even though this email comes 96 hours post her initial browse, we still see strong engagement with OR average of 30% which is only marginally lower than our closer touch points. We also see a strong average CVR rate of 6.50%, which again due to it’s place in the trigger timeline, showcases how the real time reviews are an innovative and compelling strategy to push her down the funnel.

How did you achieve these results?
We achieved this goal by using dynamic marketing automation technology and improved deliverability to dynamically pull in reviews of the products she placed in her cart in order to get her to convert. Most of our Cart Abandon emails just show the product, but by switching up our strategy and leveraging peer reviews, we are able to reach her through a different medium.

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