Spamming in Ireland Just Got Expensive

According to the Irish Minister for Communications, Ireland now has one of Europe’s most stringent anti-spam enforcement regimes in place. A new law in Ireland will now fine serious breaches up to 250,000 euros, or 10 percent of the offending company’s turnover.

It is refreshing to see more governments around the world taking the spam issue seriously but only a tiny fraction of the spam received by Irish citizens is actually sent by Irish spammers. Unfortunately, even if Irish offenders are caught and prosecuted the problem will not go away because spamming is a global criminal activity. The organizations that get rich on sending spam are notoriously difficult to find and successful punishment is not an everyday affair, but without the necessary laws and appropriate fines, the legal battle on mail abuse is lost before it is even started.

We know how difficult it is for ISPs to separate legitimate email sources from the ocean of spam that hits their network. Return Path offers ISPs our free Reputation Network which is a collaborative data network to support the day to day management of email streams. We are committed to fighting the war against spam in the United States and across the globe by working with receivers of email to share information on mail sources.

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