Social Networking and Email

Social networks have exploded on the scene and continue to grow rapidly. However, their reputation in the industry has been mixed. Often, in their viral marketing efforts to reach more users, some social networks have crossed the line by participating in shady permission practices: spamming users’ address books and encouraging their users to invite friends of friends of friends to join.

Now, several large social networks are rumored to soon be providing email service. It will be interesting to see how these networks react when placed in the role of receivers rather than the sender. They will soon be responsible for sorting through the large quantities of inbound mail – with approximately 90% being spam according to many studies – to sort out the good from the bad.

Will they continue to grow and innovate once again or will their next move lead them to a dead end?

On a lighter note, this video highlights what joining a social network feels like for some us and how things that happen inside the walls of a social network may not be acceptable outside the network.

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