Seven Email Apps Worth Watching: Winners of the 2015 App Challenge

Too few people see the innovation taking place in email today, so we decided to do something about it. Return Path’s Context.IO powers some of the most creative email development taking place around the world, and we recently partnered hackathon specialist Devpost to highlight some of the new apps using our APIs to reinvent the way we use email.

The 2015 Context.IO App Challenge didn’t disappoint! Our competition identified seven apps that make email smarter, richer, and more elegant. So if you’re looking for inspiration, a glimpse into the future of email, or a better way to work, shop, and manage your life from your inbox, these winners are worth checking out:

  • Grand Prize Winner: Kloud View, Mint for cloud apps (also chosen best receipt parsing app)
  • First Runner-Up: Context.IO for Drupal &, open source mail import module
  • Second Runner-Up: Campus Hub, integrating systems for college students
  • Best Student App: Mail+, keeping track of important messages
  • Best User Growth in an App during the Submission Period: MailTime, open messaging service
  • Popular Choice Award: Sticky Mail, keeping email and notes together
  • Large Organization Award: SugarSync, SugarCRM-Gmail sync

For more details on Context.IO, this year’s App Challenge, and the winners visit

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