Sender Score Receiver Alliance Welcomes Four New Members

Return Path’s has always been a pioneer in deliverability performance. As the industry’s first email deliverability monitoring service, Return Path has remained at the forefront of email innovation since its launch in 1999.

Today, Return Path lends that same knowledge and expertise to the European market. With over 150 local ISPs who speak different languages, ESPs face challenges that are difficult to tackle independently without multi-lingual support and international relationships. What we found was that global marketers needed a deliverability “go-between” to help them efficiently manage overseas marketing campaigns with the same gusto and expertise available in the U.S. In response, Return Path launched the Sender Score Receiver Alliance with three charter members, e-Dialog, eCircle, and 1000mercis. Today, we are proud to announce the addition of our four newest members – Splio Développement, The Communicator Corp, IPT and Responsys.

Their entrance into the SSRA fold marks an exciting time for Return Path in Europe as we continue to work with the leading European marketers and publishers to improve their inbox delivery rates. Since its launch the SSRA has become an attractive option for both European ESPs and US-based providers with operations in Europe to mediate deliverability issues between senders and receivers.

As a multi-lingual centralized resource, members can funnel their issues through a single gateway that will contact the leading ISPs in any country when problems arise and resolve those issues in a very cost effective and time sensitive manner. The result is improved deliverability for our members.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished in Europe. The SSRA coupled with our suite of deliverability services is a big win for global marketers. We are happy to be leading the charge and will continue to expand our international offerings in 2008.

To read the press release, click here.

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