Sender Score Receiver Alliance Helps Global Deliverability

Global companies know that email deliverability is becoming just as big of a problem overseas as it is in the United States. Dealing with those problems becomes even more complex when you consider the number of time zones, language barriers, and the recent number of acquisitions in the European ISP market. Return Path has been helping clients internationally for a long time, and has now formalized its program to expand that help to its ESP partners.

With the Sender Score Receiver Alliance, ESPs benefit from Return Path’s international staff and ISP relationships. Because things abroad are more diverse and are changing so quickly, solving deliverability issues solo can be quite difficult. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, read on for information on how charter member eDialog is using it to help its global clients.

For all you marketers out there — make sure your vendor partners (ESPs or otherwise) are up to speed on what it takes to get you delivered abroad. The landscape is changing daily and being on top of it will be critical to your international email success. If you’re using Return Path’s deliverability tools, you can track international delivery just as you can domestically. Check with your account director if you’re not already using this service and would like to do so.

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