Sender Score Certified Footprint Expands

This week we announced a partnership with Bizanga, the global provider of a top-notch email processing platform, to increase the efficiency of sender verification for its service provider partners. Now, they will allow their customers to use the Sender Score Certified whitelist in addition to Sender Score Reputation Monitor data to vet incoming senders for the thousands of domains their technology covers.

This is great news for ISPs and other receivers using Bizanga, as their filtering options have just gotten stronger. The combination of Sender Score Certified and our reputation data allows receivers to vet all incoming email — and block up to 60% — just based on sender reputation. This allows them to decrease the amount of erroneously filtered email, as well.

For senders, take note: if you’re not on the Sender Score Certified whitelist, and think you could be, you should apply today. If your reputation is not solid enough to earn entry, get working on it so that your email is not among that blocked by the growing number of ISPs and filtering companies who are taking aggressive action to filter senders with bad reputations. (Don’t know your reputation? Find it here.)

We’re thrilled to be working with Bizanga to expand the Sender Score Certified footprint. More than 123,000 domains already use Sender Score Certified to vet incoming mail – making Sender Score Certified the most widely adopted whitelist in the world. This partnership makes that number far greater and more global.

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