See, We Told You Email Isn't Dead

When people at email companies write articles titled “Email Isn’t Dead, We Swear!” it’s hard not to be suspicious. Clearly we’ve got some skin in this game. Nevertheless, I wrote my column for MediaPost last week on why I believe email is still the killer app. I was careful to include data to back up my argument so that it’s not just about my opinion. And so I’m delighted to see more great data that confirms what we know: Gen Y still loves email. In fact, a survey of college students aged 18 to 24 found them more likely to give up watching TV, social networking and talking on the phone before they would give up email.

Check out both articles then let me know what you think? Will email remain the killer app in the years to come? What changes do you anticipate and how are you preparing all of your marketing programs to meet new challenges? We’d love to hear from you.

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