Russian Search and Mailbox Provider Yandex Joins Return Path Network

Return Path announced today that Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX), Russia’s largest search engine and one of Europe’s biggest mailbox providers, has begun using Return Path anti-spam and anti-phishing database in its Spamooborona anti-abuse proprietary technology for further protection of Yandex.Mail users from email abuse. As a member of the Return Path Trusted Cooperative Network, Yandex will use and contribute to Return Path’s global analysis of email reputation and security to detect and filter abusive messages originating from and entering its network.

Yandex will use Return Path’s Certified Whitelist and Reputation Network Blacklist as new factors in Spamooborona technology to decide if a certain message should be marked as spam or not.

“Providing Yandex.Mail users with the best possible experience has always been our top priority, and our collaboration with Return Path enables us to make the service a safer, more comfortable environment,” said Alexey Kapranov, Head of Yandex.Mail Infrastructure. “As a leader in the search and email communities, we share a responsibility to enhance trust and security throughout the online world, and we look to partner with other leading companies such as Return Path to help us fulfill that promise.”

One of Europe’s biggest Internet companies, Yandex currently provides 62% of search traffic in Russia while its Yandex.Mail service’s audience exceeds 30 million unique users per month.

Yandex and Return Path have worked for months to build a partnership that protects consumers, reduces network threats across the world, and delivers real benefits for email subscribers and commercial senders. We’re pleased to add one of the most progressive internet companies in the world to our growing list of partners and become the latest contributors to our Trusted Cooperative Network.

Return Path currently works with thousands of prominent brands and mailbox providers in 30 countries around the world, including global companies like Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, helping to safely deliver email to more than 2.5 billion inboxes. With its expansion into Russia, Return Path extends its coverage to the biggest internet market in Europe, and the sixth-largest in the world.

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