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Blue Sky Factory answers the proverbial question of “when’s the best time to send an email?” Answer: when your subscribers want it. Read this for some great and actionable testing items for your clients to try to determine when their subscribers typically open their emails. Read Here

Do you know a marketer or co-worker that’s deserves some recognition? The EEC is taking nominations for the Stefan Pollard Marketer of the Year Award for Excellence in Creativity and Contribution. Read Here

Marketing Sherpa highlights a case study on the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s email cleanup that cut their list by 95.9% and doubled their sales. They achieved this through generating new templates, sending re-engagement/opt-in campaigns to their active subscribers to a new newsletter, a re-engagement campaign to their less active subscribers, following strict list growth strategies, and practicing good list hygiene. They now have a much more responsive list, and I bet much better deliverability. Read Here

Return Path’s Senior Director of Security, Neil Schwartzman, discusses in an interview how phishing is rising “toward crisis proportions.” Read Here

Email’s not dead, but slowly dying? A Gartner study predicts social networking will overtake email communications in the business world by 2014. I’m obviously skeptical, but what do you think? Read Here

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