Return Path to Offer Certification Based on Sending Domain Reputation

We are excited to announce we will soon release Domain Certification as an enhancement to our current Certification program. Domain Certification will enable email senders on dedicated and shared IP addresses to join the world’s most recognized certified whitelist based on their sending domain reputation.

21% of permissioned marketing emails never reach the inbox, instead landing in spam folders or getting blocked. For marketers, that means losing out on opens, clicks, and ultimately revenue. Certification helps optimize email visibility and increase ROI by getting more email delivered at major mailbox providers, including Yahoo, Microsoft, and AOL.

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Why is certification based on sending domain reputation important? Email filtering has evolved in recent years, with mailbox providers placing increased importance on domain-based authentication for their filtering decisions. The Domain Certification process allows senders to identify and correct domain reputation issues and provides marketers with unique data insights needed to maintain a spotless domain reputation.

While Return Path’s existing IP address-based whitelist is typically available only to large enterprise senders, Domain Certification will allow small and mid-sized senders on shared IP addresses to enjoy the benefits of certification. Adding Domain Certification also benefits senders who already have certified IP addresses by allowing greater flexibility to segment email streams.

To learn more about Domain Certification, please visit our website or download our fact sheet.

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