Return Path Partners with Foro Abuses to Bring Certification to Spain

I am very pleased to announce today a unique partnership between Return Path and Foro Abuses, a cooperative of ISPs in Spain. (You can learn more about them on their website in Spanish and English.)

Foro Abuses has for some time now run a whitelist aimed at reducing false positives and protecting Spanish email recipients from spam. When they learned about the Return Path Certification program and the high standards we place on our Certified level of whitelisting they were eager to include those senders on their whitelist. This is great news for marketers who are sending email into Spain. We have now added access to 16 million Spanish inboxes.

This is another step in our ongoing efforts to expand Return Path Certification around the world. Spam is not an American problem, it is clearly a global problem and as we talk to more and more ISPs around the world we see just how much it impacts everyone. By working to help receivers set standards for inbox inclusion we are also helping to level the playing field for marketers around the world. And, most importantly, we are helping to assure that consumers and business people around the world get the email they want without being overwhelmed by email they most assuredly do not want.

Learn more about Return Path Certification and take our pre-qualification quiz to see if you might be eligible to reach more than 1.3 billion inboxes around the world.

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