Return Path Now Included in the G-Cloud Marketplace

Return Path is excited to announce that we are now fully compliant and included in the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace. G-Cloud is an initiative designed to help UK government departments and public sector organizations identify and compare IT solutions that use cloud computing.


The UK Government Digital Service (GDS) announced in June 2016 that by 1 October 2016, all government services run on must implement a DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) reject policy.

As a co-founder of the protocol and the leading DMARC solution provider on the market, we are happy to offer our expertise to the G-Cloud community.

“DMARC is far and away the most effective anti-phishing technology available and I’m pleased to see the UK government mandating its adoption,” said Rob Holmes, General Manager for Email Fraud Protection. “Getting the support you need to implement it correctly is the best way to preserve the performance of your legitimate mail while blocking attacks spoofing your sending domains.”

As we’ve explored extensively on this blog, implementing a DMARC policy too quickly on your domains can spell disaster for legitimate emails. Below, we’ve listed some helpful resources to get you on the right path to “reject.”

If you’d like to learn more about how Return Path can help support your team with their DMARC implementation, please contact us.

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