Return Path Named a Martech Innovator in The Relevancy Group’s Latest Report

At nearly 50 years old, email is the Sally O’Malley of the digital mix, still kicking and stretching and kicking after all these years. But you’d be wrong to think that email was just an old dog that can’t learn new tricks. There have been a lot of innovations in email over the decades, and The Relevancy Group just released a report honoring some of the top MarTech Innovators in the space, and Return Path is proud to announce that we have been named a 2018 MarTech Innovator!

Each year, analyst firm The Relevancy Group takes hundreds of briefings with many many companies in the martech and adtech space. And at the end of the year, analysts nominate vendors they believe to be particularly innovative. Award recipients are also chosen based on survey results from more than 400 marketing executives in the US.

The survey results showed that marketing executives find deliverability, ESP data portability, and analyzing campaign results among their top challenges in email marketing. The Relevancy Group found, however, that Return Path was well-equipped to handle these challenges for anyone in any industry that is currently sending marketing emails. The Relevancy Group was also impressed with our “commitment to embrace AI, test its many applications, and deliver real innovation for their clients.”

Download a complimentary copy of The Relevancy Group’s Spotlighting 2018 MarTech Innovators report to see how Return Path can bring your email program to new heights in 2019! And don’t forget to join the Relevancy Group on January 16th for their webinar: Innovate with AI, Overview of AI Market Spotlight Guide

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