Return Path Launches New Website and Whitepaper to Combat Email Fraud

For over 15 years, Return Path has been an integral part of the email ecosystem, helping ISPs keep bad senders out and letting the good guys in.  On top of our core product set of Email Optimization, there has always been an underlying theme of security and protection.  We were key players in helping drive SPF and DKIM adoption, and more recently were founding partners in developing DMARC, the industry’s answer to domain-based email threats.   Our recent funding announcement allows Return Path to invest even more in protecting our customers’ brand and eliminating the impact of email fraud, and to showcase our solution we’ve developed a new website to help our customers navigate everything we offer:

Email-based fraud is commanding more and more news headlines; you need to look no further than stories about recent Target and Home Depot data breaches to learn about the damage an attack can have on your company and the trust in your brand.  The surge in email fraud has sparked increasing demand from security professionals for newer, better solutions. One such solution is DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance).

With wide-ranging promises being made as to its effectiveness, our curiosity led us to perform a detailed analysis of malicious email campaigns targeting 11 of the top banks in the United States and United Kingdom in order to attempt to answer the question: what proportion of email threats could be blocked by DMARC?  Our conclusion? While there was great variability across the brands analyzed, DMARC would have blocked an average of 25-30% threats per brand.  Clearly, therefore, DMARC has an important role to play in combatting email fraud. However, it is equally important to have a multi-layered solution that can address everything else fraudsters throw at you.  Read our whitepaper to find out more:

More more information on Email Fraud Protection visit the new website or follow @StopEmailFraud on twitter. 


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