Return Path Launches Feedback Loop Services, New Feedback Loop for USA.NET

George Bilbrey
By George Bilbrey

Complaint rates drive an email sender’s reputation and the amount of email that make it into the inbox. While many other factors go into building email reputations, complaints have the most immediate impact – and provide the most actionable “reputation repair” guidance.

There are two primary ways to access complaints – through a robust reputation service like Sender Score Reputation Monitor and/or with the use of feedback loops to see who is complaining about you and what triggers those complaints. Using feedback loop (defined) data, senders can tell a lot about their programs. Is a particular data source leading to high complaints? Did a new campaign offend subscribers? By acting on the insights gleaned, we’ve seen clients reduce complaints rates by more than 50 percent.

Seeing this impact, we know feedback loops are critical for email marketers and this week announced our role in bringing more feedback loops to market. Return Path is now working with the receiver community to provide feedback loops for senders. This week, we launched the first one for USA.NET, the premier provider of hosted email and messaging services. Senders can apply at

Many ISPs do not provide feedback loops to senders primarily because of the administrative hassles associated with them. Return Path has now eliminated much of that back-end burden, while leaving control of eligibility standards to the participating email service providers. (If you’re a receiver interested in this service, email us.)

Feedback loops are one of the best tools for email marketers who want to improve their programs. We’re thrilled to be bringing new ones into existence to serve our clients, the email marketing community, and our receiver partners.

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