Return Path Launches Australia and New Zealand Email Intelligence Report

Return Path has launched its first Australia and New Zealand Email Intelligence Report – where we analysed millions of messages from our own internal data to provide Australian marketers with insights on the performance of the email channel. 

What’s clear from the report is that reaching the inbox remains a key struggle for Australian businesses. Mailbox providers have taken extreme measures to stop spam and phishing from reaching the inbox to protect their users, resulting in more and more marketing emails being delivered to the spam folder.

We looked into why email marketing underperformed in 2012 and identified that most email program performance issues were related to relevancy, list quality, and engagement. You may notice some new metrics that have never been available before until now, like seeing how many messages were read whether images were enabled or not, and how many subscribers deleted without ever opening messages.

The study also found that Australian subscribers continue to open more of their email from mobile devices, underscoring the need for marketers to implement a mobile email strategy.  In Australia, Apple controls a larger market share of smartphones and with Australians checking email daily on both desktops and mobile devices, marketers will have to design with both platforms in mind.

Now more than ever before, marketers need consistent access to full, accurate and relevant data, coupled with the ability to analyse and understand it. We call this email intelligence. Email intelligence is the combination of data from across the email ecosystem, analytics that make it accessible and manageable, and insight that makes it actionable. Marketers need all of these to understand their email performance beyond deliverability. They need it to benchmark themselves against competitors, to gain a complete understanding of their subscribers’ experience, and to accurately track and report the full impact of their email programs.

This report is intended to give Australian marketers an insight into how email intelligence can help drive best-in class programs that outperform your competitors’. We hope you find it valuable!

To download the full report, visit:

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