Return Path joins Signal Spam

Return Path has been working relentlessly to improve email for both Marketers and ISPs since 1999 by championing inbox standards and helping to make email work better by scoring and certifying email senders from around the world.

Today we are the world’s leading inbox deliverability solution and our clients include Fortune 500 firms, online retailers, publishers, market researchers and catalogers across many different industries. Our data is used by most of the largest email providers worldwide.

Despite these accomplishments, one of our core beliefs remains to be that no one company can solve all the problems currently facing email today, but a collaborative method involving as many participants from the entire email eco system will get us closer to it, faster. This is why Return Path is heavily involved with international industry organizations such as MAAWG, OTA, and ETIS in their quest to implement best practices, every step of the way.

Return Path has also worked closely with the French non-profit association, Signal Spam for several years now and recently made the decision to join their first line of defense for French Inboxes. Signal Spam is a unique organization because of the diversity of its participants. It is a productive forum where ISPs , Marketers, Law Enforcement, Data Protection and industry representatives discuss practical ways of improving the inbox experience for French citizens. Read more about Signal Spam here.

As part of our International expansion we are constantly looking for competent companies and organizations with whom we can collaborate. Each country has a different landscape and conditions and no one knows it better than those on the ground.

So, if you are interested in joining Return Path collaboratively for the fight to keep email safe for all, leave a comment below or send an email to raymond [dot] gannon [at] returnpath [dot] net.

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