Return Path In The News

Check out some recent mentions of Return Path, both in the news and around the blogosphere.

In the news …
Matt Blumberg was featured in this New York Times piece about our recent acquisition of Habeas. He was also quoted in a piece in the New York Observer about managing in a slowing economy.

An Associated Press piece on how retailers will be using email this holiday season features quotes from Stephanie Miller.

On the blogs …
Our friends at BeRelevant cited a Return Path post in their post on email deliverability.

Our own Neil Schwartzman has a very interesting piece about spam and internet security up on CircleID.

And finally, the folks at Cakemail have a compedium of recent posts on email marketing during a recession that features a link to a post by Stephanie Miller. This post would be worth a shout out even if we weren’t included (but we’re glad we are!)

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