Return Path Helps Marks & Spencer Achieve Near Perfect Inbox Placement Rate

I am delighted to share with you our latest customer success story with Marks & Spencer.

Marks & Spencer is a much loved British retailer with an extremely loyal and engaged customer base that has fueled the company’s growth to 18 million registered website users. However, the company wanted to expand its email program and increase its list size while maintaining high levels of deliverability amongst their existing base.

Known for sending carefully managed and curated messages to their loyal fan base, Marks & Spencer chose Return Path’s Certification Program to ensure all of their emails were reaching their customers’ inboxes. The program is an industry-leading whitelist that helps increase inbox placement through unblocking images and activating links in messages.

The results of Marks & Spencer becoming Return Path Certified were immediate, with a nearly 100 percent inbox placement rate. The retailer has also benefited from 20 percent more email opens and a drop in bounce rate by 86 percent, allowing it to increase its broadcast volumes in (with) confidence.

To read the full case study of Return Path’s work with Marks & Spencer and a full picture of the outcome, click here.

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