Return Path Helps Individual Restaurants Achieve Better Inbox Placement

Individual Restaurants is one of the UK’s leading restaurant companies, responsible for a collection of restaurants across the nation, including Piccolino and Gino D’Acampo’s My Restaurants. They pride themselves on their well-designed restaurants, food, service and people.

Email is the company’s biggest communication channel, with its in-built email system servicing over 1.2 million members, as well as its core database of non-members. Individual Restaurants’ marketing team aims to drive incremental revenue by keeping guests informed on news about offers and their restaurants via weekly updates and ‘What’s On’ guides.

Wanting to increase customer engagement via email, the company struggled as analysis revealed low inbox placement rates of 10-20 percent. Customers were complaining that they were failing to receive offers, which only worsened as its database grew. The company was also unable to conduct in-depth analysis as its test mailboxes were rarely used.

Individual Restaurants selected Return Path for its database cleanse process to help ensure its emails were reaching subscribers’ inboxes. It also went through the process of Return Path Certification to become whitelist certified, which ensures a brand’s emails are acknowledged as safe and reputable, leading to reduced filtering and better inbox placement.

Return Path’s tools and services helped the company move from 10-20 percent inbox placement and a five percent open rate, to a 90-100 percent inbox placement and a 15-50 percent open rate. Driven by these results, complaints about a lack of communication have declined and the company has begun to experience much more positive responses to promotional offers.

You can read the full case study here.

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