Return Path Executives Attend JOBS Act Signing

Yes, that is a picture of our CEO, our CFO and our President you see below. And yes, that is the White House behind them. Today Matt, Jack and George got the honor of attending the White House ceremony where President Obama signed the JOBS Act which stands for Jumpstart Our Business Startups.

The new law does two things beneficial for startups — one, more relevant to small businesses and new startups, allows “crowdfunding,” i.e., allows companies to raise small amounts of money from any American, not just banks or wealthy investors, as has historically been the case. The second thing, more relevant to companies like Return Path, is that the bill reforms Sarbanes-Oxley regulations to make it easier and far less costly for companies to go public. You can read more about the Act here.

It was such an honor for Return Path to have our executives take part in this ceremony. Matt wrote on his blog about the experience. He was particularly moved to hear President Obama talk about the virtues of entrepreneurship and small businesses as the growth engines of the economy. Return Path is excited to be a part of the global growth story.

George, Jack and Matt at the Whitehouse

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