Return Path and Italiaonline Extend Their Partnership in Italy

Return Path and the Italian internet company Italiaonline have improved their existing cooperation by offering to the 10 million Italiaonline email subscribers an enhanced user experience, both in terms of performance and safety. In an industry first in Italy, Italiaonline is implementing a DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) record to further protect against email fraud. Following the Return Path Certification program, Italiaonline is also introducing a feedback loop capability powered by Return Path, enabling email senders to be informed when a subscriber expresses a complaint. The new Italiaonline feedback loop is accessible here:

An efficient partnership that strengthen email inbox safety
For years, Return Path and Italiaonline have been actively working together to reduce spam and protect users against phishing and other email threats. Return Path shares reputation data for international IP addresses, helping Italiaonline strengthen its filtering criteria. Italiaonline provides access to data analytics about incoming email traffic and further populate Return Path’s growing Global Reputation Network.

Mauro Binda, vice president of information technology at Italiaonline, aims to provide maximum protection for subscribers’ mailboxes. Through this partnership, Italiaonline demonstrates best-in-class industry practices to strengthen email safety and guarantee an enhanced user experience for all clients.

George Bilbrey, president of Return Path said, “We are proud to collaborate with Italiaonline for many years to come. The company’s strong engagement and progressive actions prove the maturity of its approach, and our partnership will continue to create a better and safer environment globally.”

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