Return Path Acquires ThreatWave

I am thrilled to announce that Return Path has completed the acquisition of ThreatWave, a Colorado-based email data company that captures and processes billions of emails each month and parses these messages into a unique data source for email intelligence. This acquisition will be integral to enhancing our Email Optimization product suite, and provides a vast and unique data source to bolster the Return Path Data Exchange.

Why we’re so excited about ThreatWave
ThreatWave’s global email data provides unparalleled visibility into the threats facing the email ecosystem, including spam traps, bad senders, and more. In the short term, we’ll be integrating this data into our current Email Optimization product suite, offering customers and email service provider (ESP) partners a new level of insight around the root cause of many deliverability issues. The unique nature of ThreatWave’s data stream also creates the opportunity for new product development in the future.

In addition, ThreatWave data will be used to enhance Return Path’s Data Exchange, the world’s most comprehensive source of email data. ThreatWave derives its email data from a variety of unique and proprietary sources, making it distinct and complementary to our Data Exchange. Combined, this new data set will offer our mailbox provider partners an unparalleled view of sender activity and potential threats.

Overall, our acquisition of ThreatWave creates exciting potential for our customers, as well as ESP and mailbox provider partners. I cannot think of a better addition to our product and data capabilities.

And that’s not all…
On a more personal note, we’re thrilled to welcome home former long-time Return Path-ers Tom Bartel and Paul Trout. Tom is CEO of ThreatWave and Paul is one of their engineering gurus. They have done an amazing job with ThreatWave and we’re excited to have them re-join the Return Path family.

We invite you to celebrate with us!
This development is great news for Return Path customers and partners. We are firmly committed to helping marketers grow their business through the email channel, and providing our partners with tools to advance their products and services. This acquisition is a clear signal of that commitment, and we believe it opens up incredible opportunities to deepen our relationships with both customers and partners.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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