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Retail Reality Surfaces Down Under

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Validity took our “Retail Reality” roadshow to Australia, and the webinar enjoyed a fantastic turnout from our antipodean customers, who were full of great questions!

We were delighted to welcome Felicity Robilliard, senior engagement marketing manager at online fashion retailer THE ICONIC, as our very special guest presenter. THE ICONIC’S emails are highly regarded, and Felicity was generous in sharing an illuminating set of insights into what makes her program perform so well.

  • Deliverability requires a multi-layered approach. It starts with daily monitoring of reputation metrics, so unsurprisingly, THE ICONIC’s average sender score (across all IP addresses) is in the 91-100 top-band we associate with best-in-class senders. But that’s only the start – data, content, and technology are all levers they pull to maximise inbox placement and engagement. Felicity was also kind enough to reference the important role Certification plays in maintaining their class-leading inbox placement rates, which are also well above Australia’s already impressive 88% benchmark!
  • The vital role email plays in delivering retail web traffic is well understood by THE ICONIC. Gabriel Gastaud’s excellent analysis showed Australia is the global leader in this regard, with 18.9% of website traffic coming from this channel, well above the global retail average of 11%. A strong focus on “mobile-first” forms a key part of THE ICONIC’s strategy, and it’s been highly successful. Felicity told us (only half-jokingly!), “I’ve crashed our website before!”
  • While the COVID-19 crisis posed major challenges, it’s also presented big opportunities for online-only retailers like THE ICONIC. It meant a load of A/B testing activity to see if copy, content, and send times needed adjusting to reflect the changed circumstances, and more than a few changes in direction. As Felicity wryly observed, “I can’t tell you how many times I said ‘pivot’ in the last four months!”

Complementing Felicity’s great presentation, I delivered a snapshot of the Australian retail email landscape. We’ve always found Down Under to be a high-performance email environment, as these facts bear out:

  • Average inbox placement rates in Australia are 88%.1 This is 5 percentage points higher than the global benchmark, and comparable with the world’s best performing countries.
  • This is reflected in Australia’s engagement metrics. Average open rates of 34.4%2 are 1.4X higher than the global benchmark, while average click rates of 4.8%2 are 1.25X higher.
  • The COVID-19 crisis had a positive impact for many Australian retailers. YoY revenue for pure e-commerce vendors is up by 100%3, while online retail activity is up 115%.3
  • A challenge for Australian retailers lies in trust levels around how personal data will be used for personalized marketing and services. Only 22%4 of consumers trust retailers, compared with 48% for finance/banking, and 46% for restaurants.
  • Email delivers 18.9%5 of Australia’s retail website traffic, up 12.4% YoY, compared with organic search (24.3%, down 13.8%) and paid search (16.2%, down 12.0%). Email out-performs all other digital channels by ± 3.5X in cost effective delivery of website traffic.

If you missed this informative webinar, you can watch the recording here. Also, keep your eyes open for our next outing in September, when we’ll be switching track to talk about all things data management (“Acquiring and Retaining Customers – A Shared Responsibility for Growth”). Don’t miss out – check here to register soon and get it in your calendars now!

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