Questions and Answers from Return Path's List Growth Webinar

Yesterday my colleague Margaret Farmakis and I presented a webinar called “List Growth NOW: Using Online Acquisition Tools to Improve Email Marketing Results.” It was a fun and interesting session. If you missed out on attending, you can still listen in. Download the recording now.

Meanwhile, we got some great questions from the audience. Here’s a few of them, with our answers and some additional resources to help you:

What’s the difference between creative used in retention campaigns and that used in acquisition campaigns? Retention campaigns are aimed at people who already know you and your brand. They’re on your house file because they’re your existing (or past) customers or your prospects. Even if they are a prospect, they signed up for your email and have some understanding of what your products and services are about. Acquisition campaigns are aimed at people who don’t know you very well. They’re your prospects, but in the broadest possible sense. Acquisition campaigns are designed to narrow their focus, and as a result, are more like introductions to your brand experience. That’s why it’s important to take a more streamlined approach and focus on the elements that will make the recipient want to get to know you better, namely, your value proposition. Need more creative help? Download our 8 Tips for Crisp, Response-Driven Email Copy.

Which is better, CPA or CPM? Generally CPM offers higher-quality lists. With CPA you often get remnant inventory that will never perform as well as CPM. The fact that you only pay for performance masks the fact that you are really missing out on the real opportunities available through email list rental. Learn more in our recent blog posting on the advantages and disadvantages of each.

How do I write a subject line that will really drive response? In one sentence: Make it brief, specific and compelling. Need more than one sentence? Download our 7 Tips for Subject Lines That Increase Open Rates.

Need some specific ideas to help move the needle on your list growth goals? Drop me an email — I’d love to help.

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