Providing the Incentive to Do the Right Thing

With Yahoo!’s recent adoption of Sender Score Certified, the names that rely on Sender Score Certified now read like a who’s who of the email receiving universe – top ISP’s like Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Cox; top filtering solutions like Spam Assassin and Cloudmark; plus thousands of top universities and Fortune 500 companies.

The Sender Score Certified program is a network of trust based on email reputation. Exemplary emailers agree to follow best practices and uphold the highest standards for email behavior. They submit themselves to a rigorous inspection of their sending practices. In return, major email receivers agree to look favorably upon emails sent by those senders.

This program provides the incentive for both sides of the email universe to do the right thing, and benefit from that choice. Email receivers profit from a simplified email screening process with improved filtering accuracy and ultimately happier customers. The senders profit from increased deliverability rates, better creative rendering and, ultimately, an improved ROI.

Due to the high standards and heavily monitored reputation performance checks, Sender Score Certified attracts and accepts only the highest quality mailers and is used by many of the most well respected and largest receivers in the email industry. We continue to be very proud of the program. Not only do we offer a superior accreditation through Sender Score Certified but as a trusted partner with both senders and receivers, Return Path helps get email delivered the right way – improving email for everyone: the senders, the receivers and you, the end-user.

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