Proofpoint Acquires Return Path’s Email Fraud Protection Division

I am beyond excited to share with you that Return Path has entered into a new partnership with leading cyber security company Proofpoint (NASDAQ: PFPT). As part of this agreement, Proofpoint will acquire Return Path’s existing Email Fraud Protection business. I cannot think of a better home for this product and team than the fastest-growing email security vendor on the market.

Our thinking behind this decision.
Over the past four years, Return Path has paved the way in email fraud protection. We’ve offered a solution that defends some of the world’s biggest brands from the devastating effects of email fraud. We are extremely proud of the business that our team has built under the leadership of Rob Holmes (and before him, Ken Takahashi).

But no company can operate in a vacuum. We must honor and respond to the needs of the market. And in this case, responding to those needs means doing what it takes to eradicate one of the worst cyber challenges facing organizations today: Business Email Compromise (BEC).

With Email Fraud Protection, Proofpoint can realize that goal.

Why we’re so excited about Proofpoint.
Proofpoint serves over 50 percent of the Fortune 100 companies and a total of 3,000 clients overall, empowering them to securely communicate and collaborate with customers, partners, and suppliers. They do it by combining their industry-leading Secure Email Gateway with dynamic malware analysis, real-time threat intelligence, and automated threat response.

Gartner says Proofpoint has the sharpest focus on email security over any other company. We happen to agree with them. Return Path’s threat intelligence feeds will now be integrated within the Proofpoint Nexus cybersecurity and compliance platform, providing the insight needed to nullify an entire class of email fraud.

“Proofpoint is the first company to deliver comprehensive BEC and impostor prevention, detection and response capabilities that go beyond malware-only protection,” said Gary Steele, Proofpoint CEO. “Today’s Email Fraud Protection acquisition further demonstrates our dedication and focus on protecting customers from costly cyber threats.”

We invite you to celebrate with us!
This development is nothing but good news for Return Path customers and partners. The Email Fraud Protection solution will only be enhanced by Proofpoint’s data sources, giving users greater insight into the hyper-targeted inbound and outbound attacks leveraging their brand. Additionally, customers can shut down attacks faster and more effectively than ever before.

As for Return Path, we will put our full muscle behind our Email Optimization and Consumer Insight solutions, optimizing the data, team, and user experience supporting each product. We will also continue to support Proofpoint as a key strategic partner in the Email Fraud Protection business. Together, we hope to make inboxes around the world safer, so that companies can connect, collaborate, and build trusted relationships.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Of course, if you are a client of or active prospect for our Email Fraud Protection service, your account manager will be in touch with you directly in short order.


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