President Obama Visits Return Path Austin Office

President Obama addressing employees from Return Path and other Capital Factory companiesI'm honored to share that President Obama visited the Return Path Austin office at Capital Factory on Thursday. It's certainly a day I'll remember for the rest of my life. I gave him a tour of our space, he watched five startup demos and then he gave a private speech, staying about 45 minutes – almost twice as long as planned.

For me this was an amazing chance to celebrate Austin and entrepreneurship and promote it to the rest of the country. We were one of four stops that the president made during this trip to see how other cities can learn from Austin’s success. It was a privilege to show off the work being done at Return Path and by other young companies at the Capital Factory, and to give President Obama a real-world look at where new ideas and innovation are coming from. I’m also pretty sure that I will never be nervous to meet anyone again.President Obama and Return Path Chief Innovation Officer Josh Baer at Austin's Capital Factory

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