Poor Deliverability Cause #2: High Complaint Rates

This is part three of our six-part blog series addressing the top five common causes of poor deliverability. Click here to start from the beginning.

The key to email marketing is to ensure you are sending relevant and timely emails to people who want to receive them. If any of those keys to success is missing, you are opening yourself up for subscriber complaints. And the more complaints you receive, the worse your email deliverability can become.

There are several ways a subscriber can register a complaint. The most common method is to simply click on the “This is Junk/Spam” button within the mailbox platform. This vote indicates to mailbox providers that your content is undesired. If enough people are voting that your emails are unwanted, then your emails begin to be routed to the junk or spam folder. The good news is most mailbox providers provide senders with a feedback loop mechanism. The feedback loop alerts you when a subscriber complains, so you can remove that subscriber from your list to prevent future complaints. Signing up for feedback loops is free and is a best practice for all email marketers. You can learn more about feedback loops and how to sign up for them here.

Keeping your subscriber complaint rate low is crucial to maintaining a positive sender reputation and high deliverability rates. Read our ebook, “A Marketer’s Guide to Subscriber Complaints,” to learn more about why and how subscribers complain, and how to improve your complaint rates.

Next, check out part four where we’ll talk about another possible cause of poor deliverability–the blacklist.

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