Partner Platform Provides Cloudmark Visibility on its First Birthday

Here at Return Path, we never pass up a reason to party. Today is no different as we say Happy Birthday to the Partner Platform! Announced a year ago, we’ve watched it grow and transform with features that have become invaluable to email service providers (ESPs).

We’re excited to announce even more enhancements to our groundbreaking solution.

At the centerpiece of this release is a partnership with Cloudmark, which gives ESPs unparalleled visibility and data related to Cloudmark message filtering. Cloudmark (now part of Proofpoint) is a trusted leader in messaging security, with a footprint that covers hundreds of millions of mailboxes and customers that include hundreds of mailbox providers around the world. Return Path and Cloudmark will work together to fight spam and help legitimate senders make it into the inbox.

Surface user complaint issues from Cloudmark that impact clients’ campaigns from a convenient dashboard, with the ability to drill into problematic campaigns for more insights.

Other new features and enhancements of the Partner Platform include:

  • The ability to surface the most impactful blocklist issues in the dashboard, along with customized email alerts to help prioritize client issues
  • Improved insight into spam trap, volume, and complaint data through Return Path’s Provider Network
  • Greater access to proprietary data from ThreatWave, which provides leading indicators of list acquisition and list hygiene issues

Even a year later, the Partner Platform still remains the first and only platform developed exclusively for ESPs to monitor client deliverability. It’s a single platform that combines Return Path’s unique data sources, giving you the insight you need to easily identify what’s important, surface deliverability issues with individual clients, and holistically monitor your entire client base.

For more information on the Partner Platform, read more or take a look at our fact sheet.

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