Partner Case Study: Deliverability Win at Blue Sky Factory

Kudos to our friends over at Blue Sky Factory. They have been using our Sender Score suite of tools for their clients for some time now, and they are starting to see some real results. In fact, they just published a case study of their work with Caribbean Tours & Cruises.


Travel marketing can be tricky in the age of spam. Many of the words they would normally use in their content gets flagged by filters. The use of images – crucially important in making recipients long for that beach getaway – can get blocked and make emails unreadable. So Caribbean Tours & Cruises used both Campaign Preview, to check messages before sending, and Mailbox Monitor, to determine deliverability on every send. Through diligent trial and error they were able to get their inbox placement rate up to almost 98%! Given that the average email program sees nearly 20% of its messages diverted to a spam folder or blocked, we think that is quite impressive.


Best of all, Jason Futch, Caribbean Tours & Cruises’s marketing guy, reports that the increase, which took mere weeks, translated into increases in opens and clicks.


Read all about it on Blue Sky Factory’s blog, The Thinking Inbox.

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