Our New Innovation Playground – Labs

At Return Path, we’re fascinated by how to use new data sources to help our clients solve their biggest email marketing problems.   To get feedback on our latest attempts to solve client problems, we created Email Optimization Labs. Labs will introduce applications  that make it easy to use email data for better decision making.  You’ll be able to test drive these apps, get immediate guidance to optimize your email program, provide feedback on what works and could work better, and help us deliver an even more effective suite of products to improve your marketing performance. We’ll release new apps each quarter in addition to the three being offered right now:

Frequency Finder segments subscribers based on their engagement with email to help you to optimize their sending frequency and avoid performance lags from overwhelming (or underwhelming) subscribers.

Strategy Mapper benchmarks your email program against top-performing senders’ programs, providing comparative insight to help you close gaps.

Subject Line Optimizer displays the most effective subject lines from top brands, providing data-backed results to quickly generate engaging subject lines

To find out more, please join us for webinar featuring a live demonstration of Labs, hosted by our senior director of research, Tom Sather. Subject line Secrets of the Top 3,000 Retailers will show off the rich insight that Subject Line Optimizer can provide.

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