Optimizing Your Email Program: Designing for Mobile

As most email marketers know and can attest to, mobile readership is on the rise, making it a necessity to design emails with mobile users in mind. As highlighted in Part One and Part Two of our creative optimization series, a well-designed email with relevant and engaging content can make all the difference in how your subscribers respond to your messages.

This final piece of our series highlights the importance of understanding your audience and how they view and interact with your messages. This information will empower you to make sure you’re presenting them with the best email experience possible and help you forge strong and lasting relationships with one another.

Mobile optimization: As mobile readership continues to increase, It’s critical to understand how your emails are rendering on mobile devices and what specific devices are being used by your audience.

Return Path’s Email Client Monitor can give you this helpful insight into your own subscriber base while Inbox Preview allows you to see how your message will render in all mobile environments. Using responsive design is recommended as this will allow messages to shrink and reconfigure content to fit the screen.

This example from Refinary 29 shows a well executed, responsively designed email which provides subscribers with a positive reading experience regardless of the device they’re using.



Additionally, this screenshot of a mobile inbox shows the importance of including a preheader summary within the preview pane since it will display in the subscribers mobile inbox and gives them an extra push to open the email by highlighting some of the content:


If you’re looking for even more mobile optimization examples, check out our recent favorites.

Skimmable: Regardless of whether a subscriber is viewing your message on their phone or their desktop, they need to be able to easily and quickly digest your message within a few seconds of opening it. Long paragraphs of copy make this hard to do, so instead focus on bullets and short lists, always making sure the main message and most important information stand out from the rest.


Although fairly lengthy, this Walgreens email example is easily skim-able due to the large, eye catching icons, headlines, and main call to action buttons.

These nine best practice components highlighted throughout this series all seamlessly work together to create a well-designed and engaging email experience for your subscribers. Using these elements can help make all the difference for the long term success and ROI of your email program. As we quickly approach the new year and strategies for 2016 are being put into place, make sure email optimization is on that list.

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