OpticsPlanet Wins Email Hero Award for Best Offer Email

Winning the Email Hero Award for Best Offer Email, this week we’re featuring OpticsPlanet! 

Most marketing swag ends up taking space in a corner, or, worse, ends up in a landfill. OpticsPlanet’s creative approach to reusing leftover promotional giveaways avoided this fate, and in turn, made their most loyal customers feel special and share their experiences on social while maximizing their ROI.

To understand what went into this award-winning campaign, we interviewed Meghan O’Laughlin, the Senior Specialist of Promotions for OpticsPlanet

What were the goals of this particular campaign?
OpticsPlanet received a large quantity of OpticsPlanet branded fleece jackets. Obviously, we wanted to reward our VIP customers, and what better way to say thank you than to give them away! We sent a personalized email campaign to our VIP customers that offered a unique coupon code which allowed them to order the fleece jacket for free. The ultimate goal was to reward our customers for their loyalty and give them an opportunity to represent the OpticsPlanet brand with a fleece jacket.

Did you face any key challenges along the way?
The main challenge would be just setting up these particular emails that offer unique personalization. Personalized emails are difficult internally to create with a lot of testing involved. Each email included the customer name, and their own unique coupon code, and even with all the potential issues and risk of setting up these types of campaigns, it was launched on time with no issues. Even though it was sent to a very small email list, the engagement was there with the highest open rate of any email sent in 2018. Also, even though this was a free offer, there were additional orders placed making the conversion rate over 56%. Finally, customers shared their free gift on social channels and through word of mouth, offering a unique way to brand our company.

What were your campaign results?
Open Rate: 227.29%
Total Click-through rate: 95.42%
Click-through rate: 56.06%

How did you achieve these results?
By offering the ability to see inbox placement rates, Return Path has helped improve our email program and platform based on this data (integration with seed lists and their content delivery network). Through the Return Path inbox placement tests, we can make sure our emails look good everywhere. These tools helped us optimize our testing strategy and inbox placements.

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