One Billion Now Being Served

I drove by McDonald’s this weekend and was surprised to see that they have 99 billion now being served. I remember when they went from 99 million to 1 billion and wondered how much higher it could go. Well, the number of those that eat at McDonald’s continues to grow but let’s leave that discussion for another time.

The real news in our industry is the fact that we’ve passed the 1 billion mark on internet users. In an article written in CircleID last week, they have stated that there are over 1 billion unique users on the internet. One billion?? The number seems unreal but if we look at it more closely, that only encompasses 15 – 20% of the world’s population, which doesn’t seem like a lot.

One of the biggest issues for the ISPs and other large-volume receivers is spam, both outbound and inbound. With only 15 – 20% of the world population using the internet to send, surf and receive mail, what would happen if we added another 10% to that number? Think of how spam could increase to your systems and what steps will be necessary fight it. One thing to keep in mind is that Return Path is already thinking ahead and preparing for that day when we can say “99 billion now being served.” With our Receiver Network Solutions, we can help identify both outbound and inbound spam. We can create feedback loop pages to help manage inbound mail streams. We also manage both whitelists and blacklists, which all rolls into our Sender Score reputation measure that helps to identify bad senders as well as those that are good senders on your own networks.

So, I say bring on that 99 billion. We will be ready.

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