Nothing is Certain, Except Death, Taxes, and … Spam??

Tax season is upon us again.  We all dutifully and honestly file our taxes and hope that we don’t get audited. Right?

A “friend” of mine got audited a few years ago, which got me to thinking: how do they choose which individual gets audited?  Why him and not me? Did he raise any red flags that brought him to the government’s attention?  You could probably go to a tax professional to get answers to these questions, right?

Similarly, for email marketers, we often ask the question: How does one get singled out as a bad sender? Why did my email go to the spam folder and not my competitors’? Did I raise any red flags that got the mailbox provider’s attention?  Who do I go to for help with these questions?

Just like a tax professional with audit questions, you go to an email professional for help with deliverability and spam questions.  And Return Path is the global leader in email intelligence! 

Like the red flags in your tax return that the IRS looks for, mailbox providers also look at certain behavior patterns that email senders exhibit.  The combination of these email sending behaviors add up to your sender reputation – and it is this sender reputation that mailbox providers look at in deciding whether to reject your mail outright, deliver it to the spam folder, or – yes, to the recipient’s inbox!

Attend this exclusive webinar: Email Reputation 101: Why Do My Emails End Up as Junk? to learn more about your sender reputation and why it’s so important.   We will simplify the complex world of sender reputation and provide actionable advice to increase your inbox placement.

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