New YouTube Channel for Anyone Skeptical of Email Marketing

Next time someone asks you if email marketing is worth the time or effort, send them to YouTube. Well, specifically to the new DMA/Email Experience Council channel that includes a dozen or so quick videos from industry luminaries talking about various aspects of email marketing – and how to do it well.

Thanks to tireless work by Lana McGilvray of Datran Media, who is co-chair of the DMA/eec Speakers Bureau along with Stacy Kirk of Silverpop, the YouTube channel was launched this month to help promote the value of email marketing to business, and to outline some best practices. The DMA hopes to continue to add to the library. Perhaps you will contribute one? The specifications for contributions will be available soon if you’re interested. Basically it should be brief (2 min), to the point, helpful to the cause of promoting email marketing, and completely devoid of any self promotion or branding.

Our very own Stephanie Miller is currently a vice chair of the council and is featured on the Email Experience channel. On this new venture, Stephanie says “This is one way that the DMA/eec is trying to build awareness and value in email marketing as a digital channel. We are always eager to hear new ideas for ways the DMA/eec can contribute more to making your life as an email marketer easier, more successful and highly celebrated.”

We are very proud of Stephanie here at Return Path for her contributions to keeping email a viable digital channel.

Make sure you check out the Email Experience channel and let us know what you think!

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