New Year, New Email

What’s in store for the email marketing world in 2017? While it’s nearly impossible to predict the future, we can make some assumptions on what we saw happening in 2016. As we wrapped up the year and recapped the biggest breakthroughs, we still see how important data is and how it will most likely influence what happens this year.

Let’s recap what we saw happen last year and how it could potentially influence what we will start to see.

1. The impact of domain reputation
I can’t stress how important this is becoming across a number of email marketing programs and how I’m seeing the effects of domain reputation influence deliverability aside from IP reputation. Email marketers will need to keep this in mind when setting up and strategizing any infrastructure changes or implantation.

2. Individual level engagement and mailbox provider filtering
If a user has marked your message as spam, it’s likely that message is going to continue to land in the spam folder; especially if that mailbox provider doesn’t provide a feedback loop (hint, hint: Gmail!). This means, you’re likely mailing to a user who marked your message as spam and all of your emails to follow will also end up in that pesky spam folder.

3. List hygiene
Point #2 is the perfect gateway into list hygiene. If you’re starting to consistently mail to a user who is receiving your message to the spam folder, it’s likely they aren’t going to be engaging–and could eventually lead your IP address to be impacted at a global level.

4. It’s all about the customer experience
Sending each customer with a batch and blast campaign is a thing of the past. Each customer on your list is unique so it’s time to gear your messages on the individual’s wants and needs in order to maintain that digital relationship and enhance their experience through your emails!

5. Email isn’t dead or going anywhere anytime soon
The volume of emails sent in a day is expected to increase and will continue to do so over the next few years. Companies across the board are focusing their marketing efforts to digital and it shouldn’t be overlooked where there is room to expand in this space promising continuous growth.

6. Making the right technology investments
Let’s face it–each business is unique and has a unique set of subscribers–what works for one company isn’t necessarily going to work for another. Know your data and know what your customers want in order to make the right investments to enhance your email marketing program.

With all of this said and done, now is as good of time as any to dig into what your data is telling you. Personalization and a unique subscriber experience will be the key to 2017–what tools will it take to get you there?

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