New Research: 1 in 5 Emails Fails to Reach the Inbox

According to new research by Return Path, reaching the inbox is more difficult than ever. Worldwide inbox placement rates are dropping, with just 79% of commercial emails landing in the inbox—down from 83% in 2014. This means that one out of every five emails never reaches its intended recipient. Instead, it’s either sent to a spam folder or goes missing—most likely blocked by the mailbox provider.

Based on this statistic, you might reasonably conclude that email marketers don’t recognize the importance of deliverability—or aren’t taking steps to fix it. The truth is, many marketers spend a great deal of time and money developing sophisticated, data-driven responses to deliverability issues.

However, as the volume of commercial email traffic skyrockets (up 7% since 2014 and 16% since 2013) and spam tactics continue to evolve, mailbox providers are forced to constantly refine their filtering technology to keep unwanted mail out of the inbox. In this ever-changing landscape, even the best senders struggle to keep up with increasingly sophisticated filtering.

In the newly-released 2015 Deliverability Benchmark Report, we share our findings on global inbox placement, including:

  • Global inbox placement trends
  • Deliverability statistics for individual countries
  • Industry-specific inbox placement rates, plus year-over-year changes
  • Key “best practices” in deliverability that marketers may be missing out on

Regardless of why it’s happening, declining inbox placement is a serious concern for marketers. With one out of every five emails failing to reach the inbox, brands are missing out on a full 20% of ROI and customer engagement opportunities. Developing a better understanding of inbox placement can help you improve this critical metric and build stronger relationships with customers.

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