New Postmaster Page at BlueTie

Congratulations to our partners at BlueTie for launching a new postmaster site ( If you don’t recognize the name BlueTie, you are most likely familiar with one of their biggest domains – BlueTie is the leading provider of hosted email and calendaring solutions for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and service providers worldwide.

We have mentioned that many ISPs and mailbox service providers have launched postmaster sites in past posts, but what is special about this one?

The BlueTie postmaster pages provide error code definitions, preferred connection configurations, instructions on how to sign up for BlueTie’s Feedback loop and other useful information to help you diagnose delivery issues. You also get access to their customer support team for help troubleshooting problems. The pages probably won’t give you enough information to solve all delivery issues, but they are a great place start. Remember, you should always follow the steps suggested in any ISPs postmaster pages before escalating them to the ISP abuse team. That holds true for our friends at BlueTie.

Oh, and while we’re pretty partial to their feedback loop – we are also a fan of their inbound policy which states: “A good IP reputation must be maintained at all times. Complaints from members, statistical analysis of bounces, invalid recipients, external (3rd party) reputation providers and spam trap hits, or any combination of the above mentioned items, may result in the block, throttle or rate limiting of future email.”

Don’t know what your reputation is? Check to find out.

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