New is Old? Or Old is New Again?

The temperature wasn’t the only thing that was high on the first day of the Email Insider Summit.  Record attendance spurred highly interactive panel sessions on day one, and the buzz continued throughout the day in roundtable discussions and subsequent events.  The topics of the first conference day were focused entirely on the new and emerging among the industry, including: real-time marketing, innovations in technology, and changes in webmail interfaces.  However, as each session progressed, discussion continually reiterated the importance (and impact) of strategies we been evangelizing for years:

  • Subscriber-Centric Messaging – knowing more about your subscriber-base is key to being able to provide messaging that connects.  Acquisition processes, preference centers, and web analytics are essential elements of an email marketer’s arsenal for an optimized program.  And, it’s not a bad thing to allow subscribers to control the types and frequency of email they receive.
  • Segmentation to Drive Relevance – knowledge isn’t enough; you have to act on that knowledge to make it useful.  Targeting is still among the most effective ways to personalize the email experience and drive engagement with your overall program.  No segment is too small.
  • Testing for Effectiveness – theory is just theory until it’s implemented (and hopefully proven).  Dedicating time and resources to test everything from creative approach to interactive social elements and new technology is vital for keeping up with changing trends and finding what works best to keep your brand connected with subscribers.

At the end of the day, it was all about relevance – – an old buzzword that seems to be new again.  What’s not so clear is the reason why – – has the “new and shiny” effect of social media begun to wear off?  Have new technologies (such as Priority Inbox) forced us to re-examine our core foundations so that we mitigate potential risk? Or, have the years of talk finally become action?  Let me know your thoughts!

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