New Intelligence Data Drives the Latest Release of Our Deliverability Monitoring Suite

For truly savvy marketers, having a deep understanding of what happens to their emails after they hit send is the key to creating better and more effective campaigns. Did the email get IN? Is it in danger of being filtered out? Where and when was the email viewed? Today, I am proud to announce that by listening to our clients and the marketplace, we have made some major enhancements to our Deliverability Monitoring Suite, providing email marketers with the information they need to more effectively get into the inbox, increase response rate and provide more visibility and insight into subscribers and ISP filtering.

These new enhancements will help email marketers:

  • Quickly identify what’s affecting inbox placement, and help resolve deliverability issues. When we originally launched Reputation Monitor, it was the first and only tool of its kind providing marketers with information about how the ISPs viewed your sender reputation. But the information, while good, wasn’t always actionable and it was difficult to understand which metrics were the key to cracking the inbox code. With this completely revamped Reputation Monitor, we have created another first.  Return Path clients can now go one step deeper and uncover exactly which sender behavior had the biggest impact on sender reputation used to determine inbox placement– complaint rates, unknown users, blacklists or other reputation metrics – and understand how to fix it. Broken down by the top ISPs and integrating with Mailbox Monitor, Return Path clients now have the tools and information to solve inbox placement issues faster in order to get in and stay in.

  • Create custom campaigns based on subscriber’s behavior. With the launch of Campaign Insight, Return Path provides customer-level insight into where emails are being viewed. In a fragmented market, it’s important to know what and where to focus. Because Return Path clients will be receiving data about how and when the audience views email,  campaigns can be tailored to specific audiences with improved results.

  • Preview emails on an even wider variety of platforms, browsers and clients. We’ve added mobile, more browsers and rendering engines for a total of 76 unique rendering environments to our Campaign Preview tool. Preview Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, and AOL emails in four different browsers.  We’ve added new rendering engines with Firefox and Chrome and an upgrade to Internet Explorer 8, as well as the introduction of the Apple Mail desktop email client view. These improvements will also allow optimization for one of the fastest growing segments–mobile. Email marketers will be able to see how their email renders for Android, iPad, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile 6.5.

For additional information on Return Path’s Deliverability Monitoring Suite please visit this page or call a Return Path Account Manager. We’d love your feedback on these improvements in the comments below.

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