New eBook: Email Reputation Metrics Troubleshooter

Your reputation as an email marketer and sender is the most important when it comes to getting delivered to the inbox and avoiding the spam folder. The better your email reputation, more of your emails will reach your subscribers.

According to our past deliverability benchmarks, marketing emails on average see 20 – 25% of emails land in spam or get blocked. Most marketers today still think that content is the deciding factor. However, based on our own findings, 83% of emails that didn’t reach the inbox were due to reputation, and only 17% were content related.

The good news is your email reputation is completely under your control. The challenge for most marketers and email senders is knowing what to measure and what to troubleshoot. Look no further. We created the Email Reputation Metrics Troubleshooter eBook to take mystery out of email reputation.

Our Email Reptuation Metrics Troubleshooter eBook helps you solve the following reputation issues:

  1. Complaints
  2. Spam Traps
  3. Unknown Users
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Authentication
  6. Blocks and Deferrals

You’ll find the common reasons for rising subscriber complaints, an increase in deferrals and blocks from ISPs, and more. So before you open a ticket to the ISP postmaster, download and read our eBook today!


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