New eBook: Does Unclicked = UnDelivered?

What’s the latest buzz? You got it — engagement metrics! We wrote about it here and it’s talked about extensively here, here, here, and here. Actually there are a ton of places where there is talk of engagement metrics being used by ISPs as a factor in deliverability begging people to ask the question, Does Unclicked = Undelivered?

Well how marketers THINK about engagement metrics is slightly different than how ISPs think about it. Therefore, you need to not only know which ISPs are currently using engagement metrics, but also HOW they are using it. This was you can make informed decisions about your campaign. Remember the article  about increasing your popularity quotient? The principles are the same.

Similarly to what we did with the other workshop we hosted at OMMA Global, we created an eBook of the presentation given by Tom Sather – our Director of Response Consulting. While a picture is worth a thousand words, be put the words in there for you – just in case you needed a bit more clarity on the subject. Inside this ebook you will:

•    Find out what ISPs really care about when it comes to subscribers
•    Learn who is using engagement metrics today and how they measure it
•    5 things you can do today to ensure high inbox placement rates.

Download our new eBook: Does Unclicked = Undelivered: How Engagement Metrics Will Affect Inbox Placement

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