New Australian Report: Inbox Placement Benchmark 2014

I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new 2014 Australia Inbox Placement Benchmark Report. When we released our last report, Australian marketers were struggling to reach the inbox with one in five emails being sent to the spam folder or blocked. Last year saw improvements in marketers’ ability to reach their customers, but as old issues are resolved, new ones take their place.

Our report shows that mobile usage continued its rise to become the primary platform on which people read email, and email providers like Gmail continued to change the rules for reaching the inbox. Today, reputation filtering keeps most genuine spam out of the inbox, meaning that email providers are relying more on engagement filtering to tackle the growing issue of graymail, which has become the biggest nuisance to email subscribers today.

Many businesses ran afoul of email marketing best practices, causing their reputation and inbox placement rates to sink, and impacting their campaign ROI.

The report examines how Australian marketers are managing inbox placement, which industries are struggling the most to reach subscribers, the effect of the holiday season on email reputation in Australia, plus where inbox placement technology and policy is heading in 2015.

To download the full report, visit:

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