New article: Email Authentication – Prevention is Better Than Cure

I recently wrote an article on the high level risks posed by email fraud, and the potential benefits of email authentication. One of the central themes of this piece is the importance of considering the role of the unwitting accomplice in any brand protection strategy. The unwitting accomplice is a challenge for any law enforcement or fraud protection professional.

The various inbound & outbound security mechanisms that companies implement will protect physical & IT perimeters from malware infection or data extraction by both the criminal and the unwitting accomplice. However, beyond the security screening and firewalls, there are thousands of people who unwittingly put your business at risk. Who are these people? They are your customers.

Over the coming months I’ll be writing about a range of topics and areas of interest for European and international markets, in relation to brand protection and anti-phishing. Subscribe to the Return Path blog to follow my blogposts.

To read the article in full: ‘Email Authentication – Prevention is Better Than Cure’ click here.

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