Never Stop Improving: 5 Ways to Optimize Email Marketing

What does it mean to "optimize" something? In one sense, optimization is the third phase in the natural evolution of any business idea. If you envision a linear progression, successful companies tend first to revolutionize an industry or product by disrupting the same old, same old. Apple is the quintessential example of a company that revolutionized technology. Moving along the continuum, companies next innovate on their own ideas (think iPad to iPad Mini to iPad Air). Eventually, companies seek to optimize products and processes to generate the most possible value out of their creations.

Having existed quite literally since the dawn of the Internet, conventional email marketing is in this latter-most stage—optimization. The smartest companies today are optimizing the performance of both individual campaigns and programs to boost performance and reduce costs. Here are five key areas where progressive marketers are leading the way by applying email optimization to deliver stronger results.

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