My Top Five Takeaways from Wednesday’s State of Email Webinar

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Our State of Email live webinar on April 1 brought together email industry experts from Validity, to discuss the current email marketing landscape (which is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in our time).

Speakers included Guy Hanson, VP of Customer Engagement; Greg Kimball, Sr. Director of Product Management; Bonnie Malone, VP of Customer Success; and Laura Christensen, Director of Professional Services.

If you were unable to tune in live or need the TL;DR version, here are the five main things shared by the panelists:

    1. Emails using “COVID-19” in subject lines saw a noticeable lift in open rates. However, we cannot overstate the negative impact of mass-blasting a list without eliminating invalid, old, or unengaged addresses first.
    2. Spam trap hits are steeply increasing, providing evidence email marketers are not using engagement-based sunsetting or proper list hygiene, which can seriously damage reputation.
    3. If you’re sending more email than usual, remember to spread out the full volume over the span of a few days to avoid arousing suspicion at mailbox providers, and send to your most engaged subscribers first.
    4. On the flipside, if you’re pausing your campaigns altogether, develop a comprehensive IP re-warming strategy for when you decide it’s time to get back into the game. Additionally, consider continuing email sends to your seeds to maintain activity across your domain(s) and IP(s).
    5. Think critically and use empathy when developing your message. Be mindful of what it is you’re telling your recipients, and avoid falling into now-cliché faux pas like messages from the CEO rather than the brand at large, making inappropriate parallels between personal turmoil and business needs, or using current events as a flimsy excuse to pester unengaged audiences.
  • Interest piqued? You can view the full webinar below. Be sure to join us in two weeks for our next State of Email live webinar on Wednesday, April 15, where we’ll look at industry trends and share deliverability advice. See you then.



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